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The PHABRIX SxD is a multi-format combined generator, analyser and monitor designed for post production, studio, camera and projector testing and measurement at SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI. The PHABRIX SxD has been designed as a dual input dual output varient of the popular PHABRIX SxA. By scarificing the AES input and AES output for an additional SDI input and output, the SxD is able to support addiitonal formats.


  • Over 350 supported formats including Dual Link
  • Combined generator, analyser and monitor
  • Full support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI 
  • Truely a hand held instrument for an engineer who needs mobility
  • Full generator, 32 patterns, moving zone plate and custom
  • Analysis includes waveform, vectorscope, data toolsets
  • 16 channels embedded audio, level meters
  • Dolby E  generation and analysis (option)
  • Small profile, rugged aluminium case
  • Low power consumption (9W) 
  • Lithium polymer rechargeable battery 2-3 hours tether free operation
  • Ethernet upgrade, connect and download for firmware and software
  • Cool operation
  • UK designed and manufactured

Broadcaster manufacturers will find the new support for 3G particularly valuable as the debate increases on whether to use 3G level A or B in studios. The PHABRIX SxD actually supports over 350 different combinations of formats including the new SMPTE 372M allowing testing for bit-rates of 2.970 Gbit/s, and 2.970/1.001 Gbit/s over two wires able to carry 1080p video.

The PHABRIX SxD also supports the different colour spaces 4:2:2 YUV, 4:4:4 RGB, 4:4:4 YUV, at 10/12 bit. To support each dual link standard means the PHABRIX SxD has two inputs and two outputs with full CRC/EDH checking on each signal and logging thoughout any test procedures. Embedded audio checking is also available.

The PHABRIX SxD is the first hand held platform to offer such a complete variety of testing formats. The ergonomics of this instrument are such that many combinations of standards can be easily generated and analysed. The PHABRIX SxD can generate from two outputs simultaneously for a variety of applications as varied as studio work and camera testing and 3D applications including the 3G level B.

The PHABRIX SxD's intuitive interface and logical workflow allows the professional engineer to quickly select from generator, analyzer and monitor toolsets. Feedback is smooth and interactive clearly displaying a full range of test and measurement toolsets on its large 4.3" 16:9 colour TFT screen.  

The generator offers a full range of SMPTE standard test patterns both static and animated with analysis provided by waveform, vectorscope and data specific screens. Using simple button press control and a colour coded menu system, each of the different instruments can be selected within three presses. The SxD can provide a separate ident on each independant test pattern if used to supply two test signals.
Studio timing is easily accomlished both from the analysis and generation menus. The SxD will display both input signals against a timing thermometer.

Broadcast applications

With portability in mind, the Sx range has been successful in many broadcast sectors.

  • Broadcast manufacturing
  • Studios
  • Outside broadcast facilities, flyaways and trucks
  • Production monitoring
  • Control room
  • Transmission remote control
  • 3D application
  • Telcos

SxD software flexibility

A simple software code will unlock these at any time.

  • SDI analysis and anciallary packet analyzer
  • Command scripts and print report
  • Programmable moving zone plate
  • Dolby E bitstream analyser
  • Dolby E bitstream generator
  • Ancillary status
  • Enhanced remote control 
  • Remote control
Remote operation

The PHABRIX SxD has a built-in Ethernet connectivity for remote operation allowing an engineer to interrogate the PHABRIX SxA from anywhere with an Ethernet connection. A simple two second press of the control thumb dial takes a snapshot of the PHABRIX SxD screen for download later. Sophisticated data logging is also provided for 24/7 monitoring of over 10,000 entries.
Take a tour using our downloadable simulation available from the menu under downloads to see why focussed technology and creative application from PHABRIX continues to impress a world-wide audience. Click here
























Typical SxD Applications

Applications for the SxD include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking what is on the end of the cable. In the equipment bay, studio or outside broadcast environment, knowing what is actually on the end of the cable is probably one of the most important applications. In a world where over 450 video formats are possible, known exactly what is actually on the humble BNC is essential.
  • Checking video quality, levels, saturation and cast. Any where there is broadcast equipment, there is a need to be able to check the that the video is correct. The Sx range of handhelds allow closed loop testing of equipment to ensure that video is processed transparently.
  • Checking the presence and integrity of metadata. Metadata is used world-wide as a way of transmitting additional program information and can include format information, studio information, closed caption information as well as custom information. Being able to detect whether metadata packets are present and correct can ensure that vital information is passed from one system to another
  • Checking video / reference timing. In any environment where a studio reference is being used, the timing or alignment of all video signals needs to be checked. The Sx range allows the video inputs to be measured against the studio reference to ensure that all equipment and feeds are correctly timed.
  • Checking Audio levels, channel assignment and integrity. With the introduction of SDI, audio became an integral part of the signal transmitted via BNC. Being able to check the channel assignment, levels and content anywhere can provide a significant level of confidence in any environment.
  • Deliberate Error Generation to check the susceptibility of equipment. As a manufacturer you will want to ensure that your equipment can function correctly when presented with common errors. The Sx test pattern generator can be used to introduce known errors into the data stream as well as outputting pathological test patterns.
  • Automation and Remote control. Within a manufacturing environment, the Sx hand units can run automatic test routines locally using Scripts and remotely using the PHABRIX Remote Control Protocol. In the broadcast environment where equipment bays can be sited remotely, the ability to connect to a device via structured networking and control it at your desk has significant advantages.
  • Format compliance testing. Many manufacturers and installers use the Sx hand held range to ensure that their products and installations are format compliant. With support for over 450 transmission and production formats and automated testing (via scripts or remote control) the Sx makes the laborious time consuming task manageable.
  • Dolby Setup before live events. With many organisations using Dolby E to transmit captured surround sound audio at an outside broadcast event back to the studio. Users of Sx with the Dolby Metadata Analysis and Generation options are checking their setups are correct before going live.
Technical Awards

The PHABRIX SxD has been awarded Broadcast Engineering's 'Pick Hit' at IBC 2010.



PHABRIX SxD Dual Link Specifications

Monitor Details

Display resolution 480 x 272 pixels auto scaling
Display type 16:9 24 bit colour TFT
Display size 95 x 54 mm
Processing All digital


Outputs 1 x 75 Ohm BNC
Inputs 1 x 75 Ohm BNC
Genlock Bi/Tri/SDI with cross lock
Adjustable timing 0 to 1 Frame
Text Ident Yes with font, colour and point size
Logo ident Yes

Video Test Signal

Resolution 10 bits
Static Test 32+ including full frame
Patterns 32+ including full frame
Moving Zone Plate Yes
User defined DPX,YUV,TGA,BMP
FORMATS A full list of supported SMPTE formats for 3G, HD and SD can be supplied on request


Internal speaker 0.5 watts
Audio DAC 24 bit stereo
Headphone socket 3.5 mm with auto line out
Generator/Monitor 48 kHz 20-bit (SD-SDI) 24-bit (HD-SDI)
16 channel embedded audio Yes
AES output 1 x 75 Ohm BNC
AES intput 1 x 75 Ohm BNC

Audio Test Signal

Fixed tones 17
Variable tones 1 Hz-24 Khz in 1Hz steps
Intermittent Tone Yes
White noise generation Yes
Audio levels variable 0 to -100dB in 1dB steps
Audio phase invert Yes


Navigation panel 5 menu keys 8 custom select/program
Integral battery supply Yes
Internal Storage 1GB (upgradable)
Remote control Web browser interface
Ethernet/USB Yes
Carry case Included
AC power supply Included
Security Kensington lock fitting
Size H:92mm W: 225mm D: 42mm
Weight 0.7kgs

Ordering Information






For Product support please contact your distributor at the place of your purchase. Should the product be beyond their repair assistance the distributor will contact the PHABRIX Support Team on your behalf.

A summary of PHABRIX’s warranty is given below. The detail of PHABRIX’s warranty is included on the web-site under Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the battery, third-party SFP modules and SFP cages are not covered under warranty.

Summary of manufacturer’s warranty and warranty service
PHABRIX products will be supplied to the distributor with a manufacturer’s warranty in favour of the end-user of the product. Under the terms of PHABRIX’s warranty an end-user will be able to claim for any defect in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of new product shipment to the end-user. Under the terms of the warranty, PHABRIX will supply replacement parts for those which prove defective and warranty labour if the defective equipment is returned freight prepaid either to PHABRIX or to an approved factory service depot.
This warranty does not include responsibility for any transportation damage or handling damage or insurance costs.

Warranty service
1. Automatic product warranty will cover the first year from the date of invoice to the distributor’s end-user and end same date in the next calendar year.
2. Should the product develop a fault, the distributor will provide first line telephone support for the end-user to confirm the fault is technical and not operator error.
3. If the distributor considers the product to be faulty following their telephone support, the product must be returned to the distributor for visual examination to confirm the fault.
4. The distributor must then contact PHABRIX to discuss whether the product should be replaced from the distributor's stock or directly from PHABRIX.
5. If the product is faulty and cannot be repaired by the distributor, the distributor must obtain a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number from PHABRIX before sending the faulty product to PHABRIX.

The warranty shall not apply if:
1. PHABRIX finds that the product or its component parts have been altered by unauthorised personnel;
2. the end-user installs, in the product, parts not made or supplied by PHABRIX, except such components specified by PHABRIX;
3. the product was used or installed in a manner other than in accordance with PHABRIX’s instructions;
4. the product is opened by the end-user.

Warranty Return Policy
If the product fails due to manufacturing defects, PHABRIX will either:
(a) repair the product; or
(b) replace the product.

Equipment Return Procedure
Before returning equipment to PHABRIX, the distributor or end-user must first obtain a RMA number from PHABRIX. All costs associated with shipping the product to PHABRIX shall be borne by the distributor or end-user, this includes freight, insurance as well as any and all brokerage fees and customs charges. The shipping costs associated with the return of the product to the distributor or end-user will be borne by PHABRIX.

Out of Warranty Repairs
PHABRIX will perform out of warranty repairs in accordance with its current service pricing schedule. All costs associated with shipping the product to PHABRIX shall be borne by the distributor or end-user, this includes freight, insurance as well as any and all brokerage fees and customs charges. The shipping costs associated with the return of the product to the distributor or end-user will be borne by PHABRIX.

Thank you very much for your recent purchase of PHABRIX Product, it is very much appreciated by everyone at PHABRIX.


Product Sheet


PHABRIX SxA simulation PHABRIX SxE simulation PHABRIX Sx Tag simulation

Try before you buy

Test the functionality of the PHABRIX Sx and experience its simplicity for yourself by downloading the simulators available below.

SxA (12MB) Version 0.12.0013 (22nd October 2013)

SxE (12MB) Version 14.00.13938 (18th January 2017)

Sx Tag (13MB) Version 01.05.14132 (18th January 2017)

Our simulators run on a Windows PC and have been checked for viruses. To access, click on the listed versions and choose 'save' then 'run'. The application will check for recent software updates at start-up.

You can run multiple simulators at once to test remote control of large systems, by using different port numbers. Use the -P Port# command line option to set different port numbers for each instance.



Sx Software & Manuals Releases

Please read carefully the PHABRIX Software End User Licence Agreement before downloading any software from this site.

SxA/SxD/SxE system software

The software may be downloaded on the SxA/SxD/SxE itself by connecting to the internet and going to the System-Engineer page and pressing Download. If you are unable to connect the Sx to the internet directly, download the zip file and extract the contents to a local directory and then copy the files to the setup directory on the unit using FTP - see manual for further details on installing software.


If you are using a software version earlier than version 0.10.0109 you MUST install version 0.10.0109 BEFORE installing this version. If you do NOT do this you will get a blank white screen after installation. You can recover from the white screen by holding down the Left and Right navigation buttons during startup until the factory recovery message is shown.

Version Date Software Release notes SxA Manual SxD Manual SxE Manual
Current Release
14.00.13938 Febuary 11 2016 SxA SxD SxE
Changes SxA Manual SxD Manual SxE Manual
Previous Releases
14.00.13898 October 7 2015 SxA SxD SxE
Changes SxA Manual SxD Manual SxE Manual
14.00.13895 September 22 2015 SxA SxD SxE
Changes SxA Manual SxD Manual SxE Manual
0.12.0014 October 31st 2013 SxA SxD SxE
Changes SxA Manual SxD Manual SxE Manual

SxTAG system software

The software may be downloaded on the SxTAG itself by connecting to the internet and going to the System-Engineer page and pressing Download.

Version Date Software Release notes SxTAG Manual
Current Release
1.05.14132 July 14 2016 SxTAG
Changes SxTAG Manual
Previous Releases
1.04.13933 Febuary 11 2016 SxTAG
Changes SxTAG Manual
1.04.13896 September 22 2015 SxTAG
Changes SxTAG Manual
1.02.12980 November 12th 2014 SxTAG
Changes SxTAG Manual
1.01.12275 July 17th 2014 SxTAG
Changes SxTAG Manual
0.12.0028 June 9th 2014 SxTAG
Changes SxTAG Manual
0.12.0024 Feb 28th 2014
Changes SxTAG Manual

The SxTAG supports PHABRIX-supplied and 3rd party SFP modules using an XML file (sfp.xml). This file is held in the "\setup" folder and is loaded at power-up. See the "How can I make my SxTAG recognise third party SFPs?" FAQ for details.

Right click and select "Save Link As" to download the latest version of this file here: sfp.xml

Rx and Sx Remote control SDK Documentation and Utilities

A setup application is provided to install the tools and documentation into the correct places

Tools are installed under the Start Menu and documentation and code examples are installed in MyDocuments\Phabrix\RemoteApiSDK. Download and install the Simulator to find out which commands are associated with which display fields (use context menu to turn on display of remote command information)

Version For Software Version Date Utilities and Source Documentation
2.7 0.12.xxxx -> 26/01/2016 Applications, Examples & Docs Installer
Previous Releases


Simple FTP Client for the Sx range

A setup application is provided to install the FTP Client.

This application simplifies downloading of the latest version for networks where a Proxy server is used and Sx units do not have direct access to the internet. It can also be used for simpler downloading of Screen dumps or Report files from an Sx.

FTP Client Version Release Date Software
1.518th January 2017 Installer