Professional video and audio tools for real-world experience

PHABRIX test and measurement instruments are at home in any given education environment; whether it’s a small broadcast training studio, to a large university campus’ news studio or live event production.

With cost-effective instruments available at all budget levels, PHABRIX delivers solutions that are self-explanatory and easy to operate as well as being powerful and feature rich. They can be used by experts and beginners alike, with a support team always on hand, allowing you to produce the best possible content, without letting technology get in the way.

We’re committed to expanding the awareness and education of the new technologies the video industry is experiencing, including the ongoing rollout of digital HD production and transmission, the gathering momentum of 12G-SDI for UHD applications, the increasing interest in the use of IP for live production – particularly with the use of SMPTE 2110 – and the availability of HDR contribution feeds from live events. PHABRIX instruments offer students real-world, hands on experience with professional video tools, key in the always-transitioning broadcast video industry.


Easy to learn, powerful and feature rich instruments

Test and measurement equipment must offer an instant, clear display of information under tight pressure, displaying diagnostic tools in an easy to operate GUI. PHABRIX’s Rx and Qx Series’ offer users the ability to create and rapidly change between bespoke layouts for different operational tasks with presets. Both offer ultra-flexible layouts with up to 16 instruments presented simultaneously at sizes ranging from full screen down to 1/16 screen.

Built-in core Video and Audio diagnostic tools

All three of the PHABRIX product ranges offer built-in core diagnostic toolsets offering multi-format waveform monitors, vectorscopes and video display for checking color bias and conformity. Every PHABRIX instrument offers an exceptional audio analysis and monitoring toolset to help diagnose problems. The Qx offers up to 32 channels of audio metering with detection of Dolby DE, DD, DD+ and DE line positioning. The Rx and Sx Series’ offer metering of up to 16 channels with detection of Dolby DE, DD, DD+ and metering of decoded audio.

Ultra portable handheld Instruments

With over 7000 Sx handhelds in the field today, students moving into the broadcast video industry when graduating will undoubtedly come into contact with a device in the future! The compact Sx Series offers exceptional mobility with an integral high quality screen for instrument display and video monitoring. With simultaneous signal generation and analysis, the built-in core diagnostic toolset includes a multi-format Waveform, Vectorscope and Video display with support for 16-channel audio monitoring.

CUSTOMER STORY: French university utilizes PHABRIX’s renowned handheld, Sx TAG, for advanced IP education

Read more to find out how the Sx TAG hybrid IP/SDI handheld device is being used for a broadcast workflow training program at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour’s Institute of Technology (IUT) in France. Part of the Licence Professionelle (L.P.) Workflows Audiovisuels et Médias Numériques (WAMN) course, the post-graduate training is organized by Paris-based broadcast production services group Aski-da Taldea, which has loaned an Sx TAG from PHABRIX distributor TEVIOS.


WHITEPAPER: Visualization & analysis of HDR / WCG content

The adoption of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) content is accelerating for both 4K/UHD and HD applications.

Hand-in-hand with exciting possibilities for viewers, HDR and WCG also bring additional challenges with respect to the management of video brightness and colour space for broadcasters and technology manufacturers. To address these issues, an advanced set of visualization, analysis and monitoring tools is required for HDR and WCG enabled facilities, and to test video devices for compliance.

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