HDR/WCG Visualization & Testing

The adoption of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) content is accelerating for both 4K/UHD and HD applications. HDR provides a greater range of luminance, with more detailed light and dark picture elements, whereas WCG allows a much wider range of colors to be displayed on a television screen. The combination of the two delivers content that is often more pleasing and immersive than broadcast television of today.

While offering more engaging and realistic viewing for audiences, HDR and WCG also bring additional challenges with respect to the management of video brightness and color space for broadcasters and technology manufacturers.

Simultaneously shooting live productions in both conventional Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) ITU-R BT.709 and High Dynamic Range (HDR) ITU-R BT.2100 with wide color gamut poses its own set of challenges. This is particularly true with a mix of SDR/709 and HDR/2100 sources be they Cameras, Replays or Graphics.

To address these issues, an advanced set of visualization, analysis and monitoring tools is required for HDR and WCG enabled facilities, and to test video devices for compliance.


Advanced Waveform Anaylsis 

The Qx Series of Instruments includes PHABRIX’s patented, class-leading Waveform Monitoring Instrumentation. Utilizing a technique patented by PHABRIX to efficiently deliver a high-resolution image processing pipeline with support for deep color sources up to 12-bits, this instrumentation delivers all the fine detail required for Camera Shading, Image Grading or critical QC of both SDR and HDR content.

Extensive Format Support

All the main broadcast SDR and HDR production formats are supported: Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) BT.709, BT.2020 as well as HDR BT.2100 HLG, PQ and Sony S-Log3 and SR Live.

Extensive Set of Test Patterns

An extensive set of test patterns include BT.2111 HDR color bars for HLG, PQ and SR Live as well as a full set of SDR 709 patterns mapped via ‘display light’ to each of the four HDR formats for line checks, comparative monitor set-up and the evaluation of HDR to SDR converters.

Wider Industry Involvement

PHABRIX continues to actively participate in trial HDR productions and we will use this knowledge to help inform our product roadmaps as well as cross industry dialogue and operational guidelines.

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CASE STUDY: PHABRIX support HDR trials ahead of BT Sport Ultimate Launch

PHABRIX is pleased to announce it has recently concluded nine months of successful HDR technology trials with BT Sport. PHABRIX supported BT Sport, providing its Qx rasterizers and technical expertise, as they developed and refined their live production workflow for the launch of their new HDR, UHD and Dolby Atmos supported proposition, BT Sport Ultimate. This includes HDR on the BT Sport app for mobile devices.

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