Virtual Patent Marking

In accordance with the virtual marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including the virtual marking provisions of the America Invents Acts, the following chart identifies representative PHABRIX products that may be protected by various patents in the U.S. and/or elsewhere.

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This webpage is updated on a periodic basis, it may include patents from a prior update that have since expired or are no longer subsisting. It also may include patents owned or assigned to third parties who may have requested that such patents be associated with certain products.

In providing this webpage, PHABRIX Ltd. makes no representation or admission regarding such third-party patents, including, but not limited to, whether such third-party patents are valid, cover our products or remain subsisting.


Representative Product Category Representative Part Number Representative Patent No.
Handheld Sx Range SxE

GB 2 463 260

US 8 401 137

Rx Rasterizers




GB 2 463 260

GB 2 511 073

US 8 401 137

US 9 001 213

Qx Rasterizers



GB 2 463 260

US 8 401 137