Sx TAG PHSFP-10SR-IP SFP Upgrade Program


Do I need to upgrade my Sx TAG and what is involved? 

It is over two years since we first introduced the ST 2022-6 IP only version of the Sx TAG unit and nearly one year since the first ST 2110/2022-6 version was introduced.  These both use the PHSFP-10SR-IP which is an Embrionix emSFP that provides the IP I/O functionality for the Sx TAG unit.  During 2020, Embrionix has been purchased by Riedel and the emSFP has continued to be developed

Many new features have been added following successful JT-NM/AMWA inter-op testing sessions. The latest version now supports ST 2022-6 and ST 2110-20/30/31/40 (both with 2022-7 on a single interface), ST 2059 PTP with 2110, and we have also added AMWA NMOS support (IS-04, IS-05 and now IS-08) to the ST 2110 loads to make the Sx TAG the first truly portable ST 2110/NMOS enabled test and measurement device.

We will request that your SFP module is returned to PHABRIX (we only need the PHSFP-10SR-IP module, we don’t need the Sx TAG unit. The Sx TAG stays with you during this upgrade). This is so that the PHABRIX Manufacturing team can re-program your PHSFP-10SR-IP module adding the above new features. Many units may also require a new SFP cage, so we plan to re-program your SFP module (bringing this up to the latest 2020 specification), provide a new SFP cage (where needed) and PHABRIX will pay for return shipping of the PHSFP-10SR-IP module to you. A handling charge will be applied for this work.

To register your PHSFP-10SR-IP module for this significant feature-set upgrade please complete this form. PHABRIX Sales Admin team will then contact you. A PHABRIX Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will be needed to initiate the Upgrade process. The RMA number will be sent to you shortly after your registration is completed.

If there are any questions then please contact us at

How to find out your Sx TAG’s current Firmware Version
The Sx TAG firmware version can be found on the System/Misc page.  Please enter the latest version of firmware that you have been using with your PHSFP-10SR-IP eg: 2.00.15312

How to find out your PHSFP-10SR-IP’s Serial Number
The PHSFP-10SR-IP’s serial number can be found here:

Sx TAG SFP Upgrade Request Form

(Please note one form submission per SFP is required)