Portable Waveform Monitor

25G ST 2110 and 12G-SDI with Battery Power*


12G SDI and 25G IP Professional Monitoring

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PHABRIX is pleased to present its first example of a traditional ‘Waveform Monitor’ – but with a twist. Inheriting all of the class leading features and flexibility of the QxL Rasterizer the QxP features an integral 3U multitouch LCD screen and an integral V-Mount or G-Mount battery plate, integral mains PSU and 12v external DC input. You now have 12G SDI and 25G ST 2110 compliance monitoring in a portable form factor using industry standard Camera Batteries*.

With its class-leading Waveforms, the QxP is equally at home on-set in SDR or HDR Productions, Grading, Shading, or QC, MCR, Engineering and R&D environments. The user is free to use the integral screen, or plug in an external HDMI monitor and use the flexible tool layout to view up to 16 instruments simultaneously. A rich set of remote access options including NoVNC and the UI as a 2110-20 flow provides all of the ‘headless’ operational flexibility of a conventional Rasterizer.

The QxP includes SMPTE ST 2110, 2022-6 and a wide range of formats as standard. In-field upgrades are available for a rich set of options: UHD/4K, IP-MEAS, HDR, Dolby E decode, PCAP capture, EUHD and extensive AV-ANC test signal generation. Factory-fitted options provide SDI interfaces or RTE™ real-time SDI eye and jitter analysis, with an engineering grade data view and an optional, advanced SDI-STRESS toolset.

For real-time IP workflows the QxP supports simultaneous Generation and Analysis of HD/3G/UHD/EUHD 2110 payloads on generic SFP28/25 GbE interfaces, with ST 2022-7 Seamless IP Protection Switching (SIPS) and independent PTP followers on both media ports for fully-redundant media network operation – all with AMWA NMOS IS-04 and IS-05.

Whether working in SD, HD, UHD, EUHD, SDR, HDR, SDI or IP, conventional or remote production, the QxP combines the user-configurability and advanced tools required for full operational flexibility when transitioning to next generation workflows.

*Batteries not included


3U instrument with integral 1920 x 1200,
7 inch LCD touch screen

The QxP’s integrated 7 Inch multi-touch LCD display adds a new control layer to the Qx Series. Building on the Qx Series’ innovative app based GUI, users are now able to configure and monitor all of their required instrumentation from the front display, up to 16 Instruments can be configured in various sizes. Plug in an external HDMI monitor and you have the same experience as if you were using the QxP as a conventional Rasterizer.

Class leading Waveform Test and Measurement Monitoring

The QxP comes with PHABRIX’s new class leading Waveform Monitoring with the flexibility to provide high quality traces for both SDR and HDR sources.  Combine this with the CIE chart, false color heat map/highlighting, vectorscope, and support for Generation and Analysis of a wide range of SDR and HDR formats in both SDI and ST 2110, the QxP is equally at home in critical Qc, MCR, Grading and Shading Environments

V-mount/G-mount Battery Plate for external battery and portable operation

The QxP is the world’s first portable, 12G-SDI, 25G-ST 2110, combined waveform monitor, generator and analyzer, with support for mains, external DC power and comes with a V-mount or G-mount battery plate as standard, allowing for the unit to be powered by an external camera battery. This makes the QxP ideally suited for On-Set Production, Outside Broadcast, Commissioning, Engineering and R&D environments

12G-SDI Physical Layer Analysis & Stress

The QxP offers a 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI physical layer analysis option, including Real-Time Eye technology to instantly highlight any SMPTE compliance issues including eye amplitude, transition times and overshoot. The SDI-STRESS toolset provides both Shorth Mean/Mode, with a histogram overlay and exploration of eye amplitude. PRBS generation and analysis of PRBS-7, 9, 15, 23, 31 allows for deterministic measurement of link Bit Error Rates.

25G-IP/10G-SDI Audio & Video Generation and Analysis

Generate and analyze a comprehensive set of SDR/HDR, YCbCr/RGB, HD/3G/6G/12G SDI and HD/3G/6G/UHD/EUHD IP Formats. The QxP can simultaneously generate and analyse 1x ST 2110-20 video, 4x ST 2110-30/31 audio with up to 80ch and ST 2110-40 ANC ST 2022-7 flows pairs and provide the GUI as a flow (1 x ST 2110-20 and 1 x 2110-30/31 with 2022-7).  The SDI pattern-set offers up to 32 channels of embedded audio per link or subfield (up to 128 channels on 12G interfaces) and core full screen SDI Pathological SDI stress patterns as well as allowing the user to define a combination of SDI stress and conventional generator patterns up to full frame


A suite of AMWA NMOS tools that provide flexibility when integrating with an NMOS controller and associate network Topology. Supported protocols: IS-04 v1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 IS-05 1.02, 1.1 and IS-09 PTP domain. Provision of both in-band and out-of-band control topologies with manual, mDNS, DNS-SD and DHCP. Senders and Receivers can be independently configured as single or dual NMOS end points.

Analysis and Monitoring Toolset

Picture view, waveform, vectorscope, 32 channel audio metering, detection of Dolby formats, ANC status and payload, on screen display of OP47 and CEA-608 in 708 closed captions and Ancillary Time Code (ATC), and advanced control and logging are all provided as standard.

DOLBY® E Decoder & Metadata Analyzer

The Dolby E Decoder and Metadata Analyzer option provides a clear and accessible view of the Dolby E metadata present in a selected Dolby E or ED2 audio stream. It also enables you to check the correct timing of Dolby E packets in the audio signal in an SDI or ST 2022-6 broadcast chain. You can check whether the Dolby E is created correctly and transferred transparently by network equipment such as routers, switchers, satellite links, etc.

User-defined Instrument Layout

Out of the box, the QxP offers external media analysis for broadcast operator HD/3G environments via HDMI, with a flexible user-defined instrument layout displaying up to 16 simultaneous windows, and the ability to rapidly change between bespoke layouts for different operational tasks with user presets. Multiple display layouts can be saved as presets. This allows users to save bespoke layouts for different operational tasks; useful for rapidly changing between different screen layouts eg. Audio, HDR or IP focus.


Video & Audio Monitoring and Analysis Toolset

[Included as Standard]

ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 Monitoring

[Included as Standard]


[Included as Standard]

I/O and Reference Configuration

[Included as Standard]

Data View Analyzer with ANC Inspector

[Included as Standard]

Remote Control

[Included as Standard]

Audio and Video Generation


Analyzer - Video Standard
  • Display of detected SMPTE S352 Payload ID for each SDI Link and Subframe
  • Manual over-ride of S352 ID
  • Selection of SMPTE video format
  • Indication of S352 errors
  • Qx, QxL-01, QxL-01E Only
CRC Analysis
  • Check for CRC errors on Y, C and ANC
  • Reporting of the number of SDI input failures, the last failure time, total analysis time and error rates
  • Detect active picture changes and view the active picture CRC to observe any changes in the expected active picture CRC value
  • SDI switch line CRC masking control, for SMPTE RP168 compliance checking
Stats - SDI In
  • Cable length indication
  • Indication of data rate and clock divisor
  • Reporting of active and total pixel and line counts
  • Y and C payload ID
Loudness Monitoring
  • EBU R128 and ITU-R BT.1770
  • Indicators for true peak, range, momentary, short term and integrated loudness
  • User control of integrated, momentary and short term targets
  • User-adjustable true peak alarm threshold
  • Loudness logging stored automatically
  • *Upcoming Software Release
Analyzer - Anciliary Status
  • SMPTE ST 291 VANC/HANC ancillary data presence/status window
  • Grid View – clear visual overview, present/ absent/fault indication
  • List View – ANC present list with location and status information for Checksum, Parity, DBN
  • Link to ANC Inspector
  • Tool tip provides ST 291 ANC type overview
Event Logger
  • SDI Input standard/status
  • SDI physical layer timing and alignment jitter
  • Rest API requests
  • IP-Tx, IP-Rx, Flow and SFP records
  • Reference Locking
  • Audio input presence

4K/UHD ST 2110 Extended Format Support


IP Network Traffic Measurement


Analyzer - Video Standard
  • Display of detected SMPTE S352 Payload ID for each SDI Link and Subframe
  • Manual over-ride of S352 ID
  • Selection of SMPTE video format
  • Indication of S352 errors
  • Qx, QxL-01, QxL-01E Only

10G/25G PCAP Tool


12G-SDI Physical Layer Analysis


SDI-Stress Testing


High Dynamic Range (HDR) visualization & analysis


Dolby Decoder and Metadata Analyzer


Packet Interval Profile Generator


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Formats Supported QxP 25G/12G
Core IP Formats: 3G / HD / SD ST 2110-20/-30/-31/-40 / 2022-7, 2022-6 Standard
ST 2110-30/-31 Class C
ST 2110 UHD / 4K Formats Software Option
ST 2110 RGB UHD / 4K EUHD Formats Software Option
Core SDI Formats: 3G / HD / SD Factory Option
12G / 6G / 3G / 1.5G-SDI UHD 4K (Requires Core Formats) Software Option
Software Options Supported
Audio/Video Generator (SDI, ST 2022-6, ST 2110) Software Option
Eye and Jitter Toolset Software Option
UHD/4K Upgrade Software Option
SDI-STRESS Testing Toolset Software Option
Data View Analyzer with ANC Inspector Standard
HDR/WCG Support Software Option
Dolby E Analysis Software Option
IP ST 2022-6 Decap, ST 2110-20/30/31/40 Decap with ST 2022-7 and PTP Standard
IP Network Traffic Measurement Toolset (ST 2110) Software Option
IP Network Traffic Generation Tooslet (ST 2022-6) Software Option
IP Network Traffic Generation Tooslet (ST 2110) Software Option
PCAP Software Option
EUHD Formats over 25G 2110-20 Software Option
SDI Inputs/Outputs
4 x SDI inputs, SD/HD/3G, 75 ohm BNC Factory Option
2 x SFP+ MSA / Non-MSA cages (supports 12 Gbps copper or fiber SDI interfaces) Factory Option
4 x SDI outputs, SD/HD/3G, 75 ohm BNC Factory Option
SDI I/O to 6G/12G (Requires Factory SDI Option) Factory Option
RTE™ Real-Time Eye input
(12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI) x 1 (SDI input A) BNC
Factory Option
Ethernet IP inputs/outputs (accepts generic SFPs)
2 x SFP28 10/25G cages Standard
2 x QSFP28 10/25/40/50/100G cages Reserved
Upgrade to 25 GbE support Software Option


Audio Inputs/Outputs QxP 25G/12G
4 x 75 ohm AES selectable I/O 26 pin HD D-Type
1 x Stereo analog audio output 26 pin HD D-Type
8 channel 48 kHz PCM audio HDMI and SDI
Instrument Out
User Interface
HDMI instrument output, 1920 x 1080, 4:4:4 RGB, Type A HDMI 2.0b
SDI 3Gbit instrument out, 1920 x 1080, 4:2:2 YCbCr Micro BNC
User Interface Video/Audio 2110-20 / 2110-30/-31
Remote browser GUI access noVNC
Reference input, Tri / B&B with cross-lock 75 ohm
Networking & Control
10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45
8 x bi-directional GPI (26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket) 26 pin HD D-Type
Audio Monitoring
Front Panel Speaker Integral
Headphone Socket ¼ inch jack
Form factor
Size 211x132x305 mm
Weight 4.1kg
(Excl. Battery)
Power consumption 110W typical, 160W max
IEC Power Input (Internal power supply) 12 V nominal
(10 to 18 V)
4 Pin XLR Power Connector 90 to 264 VAC,
120 W
V-Mount Battery Plate Factory Option
G-Mount Battery Plate Factory Option
Warranty (1 year) Standard
Extended Warranty (3 – 5 years) Optional

*Upcoming software release


QxP Chassis (includes PHQXO-IP-STND)
PHQXP-V QxP 3U SD/HD/2K 10GbE IP Waveform Monitor/Analyser, V-mount
PHQXP-G 3U SD/HD/2K 10GbE IP Waveform Monitor/Analyzer, G-mount
PHQXP01-3G-V 3U SD/HD/2K 10GbE IP/SDI Waveform Monitor/Analyzer, V-mount
PHQXP01-3G-G 3U SD/HD/2K 10GbE IP/SDI Waveform Monitor/Analyzer, G-mount
PHQXP01E-3G-V 3U SD/HD/2K 10GbE IP/SDI Waveform Monitor/Analyzer, Eye/Jitter, V-mount
PHQXP01E-3G-G 3U SD/HD/2K 10GbE IP/SDI Waveform Monitor/Analyzer, Eye/Jitter, G-mount
QxP Chassis Upgrade (Return to Factory)
PHQXPM-01 QxP SDI I/O return to factory upgrade (req. PHQXP)
PHQXPM-01E QxP SDI Eye/Jitter return to factory upgrade
(requires PHQXP01-3G)
QxP IP Options
PHQXPO-IP-25G 25GbE media network
(requires 2x PHSFP-25G-SR or 2x PHSFP-25G-LR)
PHQXPO-IP-MEAS IP Measurement 2110-21, PIT histograms, timing
PHQXPO-IP-PCAP PCAP 2x25Gbps line rate capture tool, 4GB max.
PHQXPO-IP-NGT 2022-6 IP Network traffic Generator Tool
(requires PHQXPO-GEN)
PHSFP-10GE-SR SFP+ 10GBASE-SR Ethernet MM 850nm 300m
PHSFP-10GE-LR SFP+ 10GBASE-LR Ethernet SM 1310nm 10km
PHSFP-25GE-SR SFP28 25GBASE-SR Ethernet MM 850nm 100m
PHSFP-25GE-LR SFP28 25GBASE-LR Ethernet SM 1310nm 10km
QxP SDI/IP Software Options
PHQXPO-DOLBY Dolby E Decoder, Metadata Analyser, LtRt/LoRo downmix, metering
PHQXPO-GEN SDI/IP AV Test Signal Generator
(SDI requires PHQXP01-3G or PHQXP01E-3G)
(SDI requires PHQXP01-3G or PHQXP01E-3G)
PHQXPO-EUHD Add RGB, 12b, 444, 48-60Hz formats to ST2110 (requires PHQXPO-UHD)
PHQXPO-HDR HDR/WCG, CIE1931, HDR Heat map (PQ, HLG, S-Log3, SR Live)
QxP SDI Software Options
PHQXPO-SDI-STRESS 12G-SDI Stress Test Toolset
PHSFP-RT12-1310 SFP+ SM(10km) LC Non-MSA, Tx 1310nm, Rx 1260-1620nm 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI
QxP Fitting Kits & Cables
PHQXC-1 12G-SDI Test Cable 1m
PHQXK7 3U 19 inch rackmount kit (1x QxP Chassis)***
PHQXK8 3U 19inch rackmount kit (2x QxP Chassis)***
PHQXK9 QxP desktop kit (adjustable feet plus handle)***
Qx Extended Warranty
PHQXP-3YEAR PHQXP Upgrade from 1 to 3 Year Warranty
(excludes SFP)
PHQXP-5YEAR PHQXP Upgrade from 1 to 5 Year Warranty
(excludes SFP)
PHQXP01-3YEAR PHQXP01 Upgrade from 1 to 3 Year Warranty
(excludes SFP)
PHQXP01-5YEAR PHQXP01 Upgrade from 1 to 5 Year Warranty
(excludes SFP)
PHQXP01E-3YEAR PHQXP01E Upgrade from 1 to 3 Year Warranty (excludes SFP)
PHQXP01E-5YEAR PHQXP01E Upgrade from 1 to 5 Year Warranty (excludes SFP)

*Upcoming Software Release
**One year warranty included as standard
***Availability TBC