Sports & Live Events

Testing in high pressure, live environments

Sports and Live Events represent some of the most demanding test and measurement environments. There’s a need for high performance analysis that’s fully robust, whilst also being lightweight and compact. It’s also essential that test and measurement equipment is fast and easy to use in high pressure, live production environments.

The industry is undergoing several changes that are taking place simultaneously, including the ongoing rollout of digital HD production and transmission, the gathering momentum of 12G-SDI for UHD applications, increasing interest in the use of IP for live production – 

particularly with the use of SMPTE 2110 – and the availability of HDR contribution feeds from major live events.

We’re continuing to see an astonishing increase in the capabilities that can be squeezed into smaller and smaller sized equipment. This is enabling a new generation of trucks and facilities to be built with very high levels of capability and flexibility. Under pressure, it’s useful to have a commonality of components. With every event a new technology and component configuration, fault identification and rectification processes need to be consistent whatever the setup and workflow.


Flexible, user-defined layouts

Test and measurement equipment must offer an instant, clear display of information under tight pressure, displaying diagnostic tools that are easy to operate. PHABRIX’s Rx and Qx Series’ offer users the ability to create their own selection of tools and rapidly change between bespoke layouts for different operational tasks with presets. Rx and Qx series offer ultra-flexible layouts with up to 16 instruments presented simultaneously at sizes ranging from full screen down to 1/16 screen.

Advanced HDR Waveforms and Analysis

The Qx Series comes with PHABRIX’s new class leading Waveform Monitoring with the flexibility to provide high quality traces for both SDR and HDR sources.  Combine this with the CIE chart, false color heat map/highlighting, vectorscope, and support for Generation and Analysis of a wide range of SDR and HDR formats in both SDI and ST 2110, the Qx Series is equally at home in critical Qc, MCR, Grading and Shading Environments

Ultra-portable handheld Instruments

Ideal for customers who require a handheld, compact test and measurement device, the Sx series offers exceptional mobility with an integral high quality screen for instrument display and video monitoring. With simultaneous signal generation and analysis, the built-in core diagnostic toolset includes a multi-format Waveform, Vectorscope and Video display with support for 16-channel audio monitoring.


CASE STUDY: NEP UK selects PHABRIX IP-enabled solutions for its first SMPTE ST 2110 OB trucks

PHABRIX, a worldwide leader in test and measurement solutions, is pleased to reveal that NEP UK, the leading outside broadcast services provider, has selected PHABRIX’s HDR and IP-enabled test and measurement solutions for its two new trucks, named Venus and Ceres. Both are already in use and have a full schedule of major events and sporting fixtures lined up over the summer.

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