Master Control Room

Innovative tools for live signal monitoring

With such a complex array of processes in the master control room, test and measurement devices are essential for monitoring and analyzing channels.

The live monitoring of incoming and outgoing signals becomes ever most challenging with the rapid evolution of technology in the broadcast industry. From HD to UHD, from SDR to HDR and from SDI to IP, all happening simultaneously.

Broadcasters require an array of test and measurement toolsets across their facilities to alert them to problems, debug faults and help them manage the quality of output. It is important issues are found and resolved as early as possible to meet the high standard of content viewers are now expecting to see.


Video/Audio Fault Finding and Logging

To speed up intermittent fault finding, PHABRIX instruments offer triggers to automatically alert users when faults are identified by the analyzers, according to user-defined criteria. Video and audio capture helps diagnose problems with advanced logging tools for video and audio events.

Advanced Waveform Analysis

The Qx Series of Instruments includes PHABRIX’s patented, class-leading Waveform Monitoring Instrumentation. Utilizing a technique patented by PHABRIX to efficiently deliver a high-resolution image processing pipeline with support for deep color sources up to 12-bits, this instrumentation delivers all the fine detail required for Camera Shading, Image Grading or critical QC of both SDR and HDR content.

Extensive audio toolsets

Every PHABRIX instrument offers an exceptional audio analysis and monitoring toolset to help diagnose problems. The Qx Series offers up to 32 channels of audio metering with detection of Dolby DE, DD, DD+ and DE line positioning. The Rx and Sx Series’ offer metering of up to 16 channels with detection of Dolby DE, DD, DD+ and metering of decoded audio. The Rx and Qx Series’ offer advanced loudness monitoring toolsets indicating true peak, range, momentary, short term and integrated loudness, with logging stored automatically.

Built-in core diagnostic tools

All three of the PHABRIX product ranges offer built-in core diagnostic toolsets offering multi-format waveform monitors, vectorscopes and video display for checking color bias and conformity. All the tools needed to monitor or debug a channel are available in just one click on the user-defined instrument display layouts.


CASE STUDY: PHABRIX support HDR trials ahead of BT Sport Ultimate Launch

PHABRIX is pleased to announce it has recently concluded nine months of successful HDR technology trials with BT Sport. PHABRIX supported BT Sport, providing its Qx rasterizers and technical expertise, as they developed and refined their live production workflow for the launch of their new HDR, UHD and Dolby Atmos supported proposition, BT Sport Ultimate. This includes HDR on the BT Sport app for mobile devices.

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