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Portable Waveform Monitor

The QxP is equipped with a factory fitted external battery plate that has been chosen to be compatible with a wide range of industry standard single voltage Camera Batteries used in the Broadcast and Cine industries. The choice of external battery plate is Customer specified at time of order and can be supplied either as a V-Mount, or an Anton/Bauer™ Gold-Mount (also known as G-mount, or 3-stud).
Please note that the QxP does not provide any charging capability to the external battery through the battery plate, and that External Batteries and Battery Chargers are not supplied with the QxP.

QxP Battery Plate Specifications:
Operating Voltage Range: 11V – 17V
Power Consumption: 70W typical, 100W maximum
Operating Ambient Temperature range: 0 – 40degC, non-condensing.
Operating Current: 4.8A typical at 14.4V Battery Nominal voltage, 9.1A maximum at 11V
Standby Current: <30mA

Compatible Battery Type: The QxP will operate on Battery Power with any V-mount or Gold-Mount single voltage battery with a nominal voltage between 14-15V, capable of delivering 10A continuous current at the operating ambient temperature range. Lithium-ion Battery packs with 150Wh capacity designed for the Broadcast and Cine industries are typically capable of providing the required current over their operating life and temperature range.

Typical Operating Time on Battery: The operating time will vary with Battery capacity, operating temperature and QxP load. Typical QxP operating time with a battery with a capacity of 150Wh at 25 degC (77 degF) is in the range of 1.5 – 2hrs depending on the age of the battery.

User interface reporting of Battery status*
Reporting of battery status via the user interface requires the Battery to support one of the following Battery communication protocols:

Supported V-mount battery communication protocols:
• SMBus Smart Battery Data Specification (SMBus)
• IDX I2C Digi-View (IDX-I2C)

Supported Anton/Bauer Gold-Mount battery communication protocols:
• Anton/Bauer Remaining Runtime single wire battery data (A/B SWBD)
• Anton/Bauer Analog Fuel Gauge (A/B AFG)

Tested Batteries: The QxP has been tested with the following batteries:
• Anton/Bauer Dionic XT 150GM (Gold-Mount), A/B SWBD and A/B AFG
• IDX Duo-C150P (V-Mount), SMBus and IDX-I2C
• IDX Imicro-150 (V-Mount), SMBus and IDX-I2C
• IDX IPL-150 (V-Mount), SMBus and IDX-I2C
• IDX Endura Duo- C98P (V-Mount), SMBus and IDX- I2C
• CoreSWX Nano micro 150 (Gold-Mount), A/B SWBD, A/B AFG

*in a future software release

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