Application Notes


Using Pseudo-Random Binary Sequences to Stress Test Serial Digital Interfaces

In this whitepaper, PHABRIX discusses the use of pseudo-random binary sequences (PRBS – also referred to as pseudo random bit sequences), along with bit-error rate tests (BERT – also referred to as bit-error ratio tests) to stress test serial digital interfaces…

Visualization & Analysis of HDR/WCG content

The adoption of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) content is accelerating for both 4K/UHD and HD applications. HDR provides a greater range of luminance, with more detailed light and dark picture elements, whereas WCG allows a much wider range of colours to be displayed on a television screen…

PHABRIX Rx - Quality Compliance

Using PHABRIX T&M for Quality and Compliance testing

Compliance covers a whole range of aspects including the basic video and audio levels, color space gamut, digital audio integrity and surround sound mix as well as program loudness. The PHABRIX Rx range allow multiple instruments to be displayed on screen at the same time. This makes the Rx ideal for quality control suites as all aspects of the program can be viewed…

3G-SDI Signal Quality & Compliance Testing

The use and distribution of 3G-SDI within a broadcast environment has enormous logistical advantages, but along with these advantages come some real challenges for both engineers and manufacturers who may be familiar with more conventional SD 270MB or HD 1.5GB SDI systems…

PHABRIX Rx - Quality Compliance

Remote Control on the Sx and Rx range of products

The PHABRIX Sx hand held range and Rx rack mount range of test and measurement equipment provide a sophisticated range of remote control tools and applications to allow the remote access, remote control and remote automation of these units.