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Delivering the highest quality video and audio experience

PHABRIX aims to provide test and measurement solutions that ensure you deliver the best quality message to your congregation.

PHABRIX works with its customers to ensure you keep ahead of the latest technology trends, providing continuous support in your mission to communicate and educate.

The industry is undergoing several changes that are taking place simultaneously, including the ongoing rollout of digital HD production and transmission, the gathering momentum of 12G-SDI for UHD applications, increasing interest in the use of IP for live production –

particularly with the use of SMPTE 2110 – and the availability of HDR contribution feeds from live events. We’re conscious our customers’ test and measurement equipment needs to be fully robust, whilst also being lightweight and compact, as well as fast and easy to use in your important services.

With instruments available at all budget levels, PHABRIX delivers solutions that are easy to learn and operate as well as being powerful and feature rich. They can be used by experts and beginners alike, allowing you to produce the best possible video and audio content for your worshippers, without letting technology get in the way.


Easy to learn, powerful and feature rich instruments

Test and measurement equipment must offer an instant, clear display of information under tight pressure, displaying diagnostic tools that are easy to operate for video and audio, analysis, generation and monitoring within one product.

User designed instrument layouts

PHABRIX’s Rx and Qx series provide the operator with the ability to select the tools they wish to use, how they wish to see them and when the decide to need those tools. Operators can select and design their user interface layout and save each as a preset. Presets can be saved for a single operator, for the video team, the audio team and right up to the Chief Engineer’s own layout. Presets make operating the Rx and Qx easy, and remote access allows for remote fault assistance or for teaching from afar.

Ultra-portable handheld instruments

Ideal for customers who require a handheld, compact test and measurement device, the Sx series offers exceptional mobility with an integral high-quality screen for instrument display and video monitoring. With simultaneous signal generation and analysis, the built-in core diagnostic toolset includes a multi-format Waveform, Vectorscope and Video display with support for 16-channel audio monitoring.


WHITEPAPER: 3G-SDI Testing and Analysis

The challenges of 3G-SDI use also have an impact on signal distribution, signal routing, switching, editing and grading. Two significant areas to take into account when using 3G-SDI are signal quality, which if out of specification will have a dramatic impact on the integrity of the data, and the ability of broadcast equipment to transparently process the numerous video formats combinations that may appear on the end of the cable.

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