Flexible, futureproof and trustworthy test and measurement instruments

PHABRIX instruments are used commonly throughout non-traditional broadcast video environments. Whether in the government, medical, space or military environments, our solutions are key to ensuring your video and audio workflows are the best they can be.

These industries represent some of the most demanding test and measurement environments. There’s a need for trustworthy, high performance analysis instruments that are fully robust, offering immediate access to tools at critical times. It’s also essential that test and measurement equipment is fast and easy to use with minimal set up time in these high-pressure environments.

It’s also essential that test and measurement equipment is fast and easy to use with minimal set up time in these high-pressure environments.

With affordable instruments available at all budget levels, PHABRIX delivers solutions that are easy to learn and operate as well as being powerful and feature-rich. They can be used by experts and beginners alike, with a support team always on hand, allowing you to produce the best possible video and audio content.


Easy to learn, powerful and feature rich instruments

Test and measurement equipment must offer an instant, clear display of information under tight pressure, displaying diagnostic tools in an easy to operate GUI. PHABRIX’s Rx and Qx Series’ offer users the ability to create and rapidly change between bespoke layouts for different operational tasks with presets. Both offer ultra-flexible layouts with up to 16 instruments presented simultaneously at sizes ranging from full screen down to 1/16 screen.

Built-in core video and audio diagnostic tools

All three of the PHABRIX product ranges offer built-in feature-rich diagnostic toolsets as standard offering multi-format waveform monitors, vectorscopes and video display for checking color bias and conformity. Every PHABRIX product offers exceptional audio and video analysis, generator and monitoring toolsets to aid product development and to help diagnose problems.

Ultra-portable handheld instruments

The compact Sx Series offers exceptional mobility with an integral high-quality screen for instrument display and video monitoring. With simultaneous signal generation and analysis, the built-in core diagnostic toolset includes a multi-format Waveform, Vectorscope and Video display with support for 16-channel audio monitoring.

Remote Access and Control

In large or remote installations, the test equipment and the equipment under test may be situated a long distance from the operator or technician so the ability to remotely diagnose issues can save time and money. The PHABRIX Sx, Rx and Qx series provide a sophisticated range of remote-control tools and applications to allow the remote access, remote control and remote automation of these units.


APPLICATION NOTE: 3G Signal Quality and Compliance Testing

The use and distribution of 3G-SDI within a broadcast environment has enormous logistical advantages, but along with these advantages come some real challenges for both engineers and manufacturers who may be familiar with more conventional SD 270MB or HD 1.5GB SDI systems. 3G-SDI is attractive to broadcasters looking to move from 720p or 1080i based systems to full 1080p 50 or 59.94 for live production. It’s also used as part of quad 1080p as part of a UHD system.

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