What's New in V4.2 for the Qx & QxL Rasterizer

QxL | New 2110 IP Transmit Instrument


ST 2110 Video and Audio Transmission of Test Patterns and User Interface (GUI)


QxL version 4.2 can simultaneously Generate and Analyze SMPTE 2110/2022-7 Video and Audio
Flows. The QxL can now generate two sets of Video and Audio 2022-7 flow pairs as part of the
Generator License as follows:

  • Test Pattern as a Flow: 1 x ST 2110-20 (Video) and 4 x ST 2110-30/31 (Audio) with 2022-7
  • Monitor Output (GUI) as a Flow: 1 x ST 2110-20 (Video) and 1 x ST 2110-30/31 (Audio) with 2022-7
  • A Total of Seven Flow Pairs (14 Flows) from Generator and Monitor Output.

QxL | Generator Pattern as a Flow:

  • Video: ST 2110-20/2022-7 video flow pair comprising of any 1920×1080 Progressive or Interlaced YCbCr 422 10bit Test Pattern with optional Bouncing Box.
  • Choice of Narrow Gapped or Narrow Linear Packet Read Schedule (PRS)
  • General Packing Mode (GPM)
  • Full range of PHABRIX Patterns (Bars, SMPTE/ARIB Bars, Test Card (Circle), Ramps, Color Grid, Steps PLUGE)
  • Full range of Formats: SDR(709), SDR(2020), HDR: PQ, HLG, Slog-3, SR-Live(2020)
  • Full range of Frame Rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, 60 Hz (Progressive); 50, 59.94, 60 Hz (Interlaced).
  • Phase Control of TR Offset with respect to PTP timeframe.
  • Audio: up to four accompanying 48 kHz sampling 24-bit Test Tone/Musical Pitch 2022-7 Audio flow pairs with independent selection of ST 2110-30 or 2110-31 and 1 ms or 125 µs Packet Time for each flow pair.
  • Level C Audio Operation with up to 80 channels
    at 125 µs and ten channels at 1 ms packet time (ST 2110-30), and up to 60 channels at 125 µs and seven channels at 1 ms packet time (ST 2110-31).
  • Audio Generator Macros Fixed Tone, Fixed Tone
    Ramp, Musical Pitch Fixed, Musical Pitch Ramp with independent control of Tone/Pitch and Amplitude for each Channel.
  • Up to 80 independent Audio Tone generators,
    assignable to any audio channel

QxL | Monitor as a Flow:

  • Video: ST 2110-20/2022-7 video flow pair carrying the Instrument Graphical User interface (GUI, HDMI screen) at 1920×1080 50/59.94/60 Hz Progressive Frame Rates
  • Narrow Gapped Packet Read Schedule (PRS)
  • Block Packing Mode (BPM) for widest compatibility
  • Audio: Single monitor 2.0 stereo Audio 48 kHz
    sampling 24-bit 2022-7 flow pair with choice of ST 2110-30 or ST 2110-31 with 1 ms or 125 µs Packet Time.
  • Audio selection follows the selected, Post Volume
    Fader, 2.0 Stereo or 1.0 Dual Mono audio meter
    monitored audio.

QxL | IP Transmit Parameter Overviews

The new IP Transmit configuration tool provides an at-a-glance view of transmitted flow status and selected formats:

QxL | Straightforward Configuration Dialog

Configuration of Generator and Monitor flow parameters by way of two specific configuration dialogs:

Qx & QxL | Additional Changes in V4.2

  • PTP labeling has been updated to follow the latest SMPTE Guidelines and now uses the terms PTP Leader and PTP Follower, together with the states Lead and Follow.
  • The Default Gateway can now be selected from any available network interface gateway addresses in the Qx Network and Automation setup tool.