Over 50 SMPTE members and friends were welcomed to the DTG offices in Vauxhall for the Bill Lovell Memorial Lecture 2021.

This event is a celebration of SMPTE members in a very social way and after having to miss the 2020 BLL we were really looking forward to getting together and the DTG made us very (very) welcome!

This year Prinyar Boon let us into his life of music, rock climbing, playing in a band, the early days of television, being shipwrecked and of course his passion for all that’s new and exciting in media technology today.

The trouble with each BLL is getting everyone in their seats and starting the event – why? Because our main attraction is always in demand and “doing the room” meeting and greeting – but we finally settled for a really good talk full of anecdote, personal thought and a lot of laughter!