PHABRIX today announced that it will showcase its latest portable and rackmount media analysis instruments for ST 2022-6 and ST 2110* IP at the SATIS 2017 exhibition (November 8-9, Paris), along with its enhanced High Dynamic Range test tools (stand B40).

“At SATIS, we’ll be demonstrating the IP toolset for our ultra-compact Sx portable, as well as advanced IP media analysis with our Qx series”, said Neil Sharpe, head of marketing at PHABRIX. “Our latest IP tools are designed to help broadcasters as they transition from SDI to hybrid SDI/IP operations, and on to fully IP-based workflows.”

The Qx 12G delivers IP, UHD and HDR/WCG generation, analysis, and video/audio monitoring. A high-performance IP toolset includes a decapsulator with Packet Interval Timing (PIT) analysis for network traffic monitoring, as well as a unique IP encapsulator and Packet Profile Generator (signal generator) for stress testing video networks. Users can quickly analyse ST 2022-6 and ST 2110* video network traffic to determine the cause of typical problems, such as packet congestion, packet loss and jitter.

The comprehensive HDR and WCG toolset accelerates workflows with enhanced visualization and analysis of UHD and HD content. The HDR/WCG tools include a signal generator, CIE chart, vectorscope and waveform. A programmable HDR Heat-map can highlight key luminance zones to assist with adjusting the brightness of a picture.

For UHD testing, Qx 12G also offers ultra-fast 12G-SDI eye and jitter analysis, with RTE™ technology instantly highlighting any SMPTE compliance issues. Additional capabilities include 32-channel audio generation/embedding and test automation.

For applications demanding a portable solution, PHABRIX has extended the IP support for its Sx TAG portable analyser/generator to include ST 2022-6 and ST 2110* decapsulation/encapsulation, in addition to 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, HDMI, and analogue. Designed for rapid fault-finding and compliance testing, the Sx TAG can also be used in remote locations with monitoring over a network.

The Sx TAG’s rich toolset includes a multiformat waveform and vectorscope, and users can perform video monitoring using a 16:9 screen plus 16-channel audio monitoring. An intuitive, colour-coded interface speeds testing workflows, and operation with mains or battery power provides versatility on the move.

PHABRIX will also feature the advanced Rx 2000 rackmount analyser/generator, which offers rapid fault diagnosis with video capture and remote access, as well as ultra-flexible layouts with up to 16 instruments per monitor.

See for further information about PHABRIX’s test and measurement range.

*Upcoming software release