The PHABRIX QxL – 25G IP Rasterizer was the recipient of the Silver Award for IP Broadcast Solutions (Distribution) by Digital Media World Awards 2020.

The PHABRIX QxL is a flexible, compact 25GbE UHD rasterizer designed to meet the requirements of 10GbE/25GbE IP workflows suitable for professional broadcast.

Out of the box, this IP enabled rasterizer supports JT-NM TR 1001-1:2018, 2110-20 (video), 2110-30 (PCM audio), 2110-31 (AES audio), and 2110-40 (ANC) media flows all with 2022-7 Seamless IP Protection Switching (SIPS), and independent PTP slaves on each media port for fully-redundant media network operation.

Simultaneous support is provided for 1x video payload, 2x 80 channel audio 2110-30 (PCM) or 2110-31 (AES3 transport) payloads (conforming to Level-C operation and with automatic detection of audio flow configuration and Dolby audio formats), and one ANC flow.

The QxL IP JT-NM TR 1001-1:2018 toolset provides support for DHCP on all IP ports, unicast DNS-SD, AMWA NMOS IS-04 Discovery and Registration, IS-05 Connection management, system resource, and Network Topology Discovery using Link Layer Discovery protocol (LLDP).

The QxL, an expansion of the PHABRIX’s Qx, addresses professional IP workflows in the same compact ½ rack 1RU form factor.

The entry level QxL supports IP media as standard. An SDI I/O option provides 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI single, dual and quad link support with optional Real Time Eye (RTE) 12G-SDI Eye and Jitter physical layer analysis.

A flexible GUI supplies up to 16 simultaneous instrument windows. Configuration presets provide rapid recall of different audio and video instrument, traffic and workflow settings.

The user interface and stereo monitoring bus are available locally in both HDMI and SDI formats with 8 channels of embedded audio. Audio is also available as 4x AES pairs. Remote operation is possible using either KVM, VNC over the management port, or as ST 2110-20/-30 flows over the 25GE media ports.

A suite of operator level IP flow health and PTP monitoring tools are provided along with warnings and alarms. For detailed analysis and debug, the new IP-Measure toolset outputs advanced engineering-grade information including four 2022-7 Packet Interval Time (PIT) displays, media port network statistics, real time measurements of Flow to PTP relationships and latency plus real-time measures of 2110-21 Cinst and Vrx for both Gapped and Linear senders.

The QxL is one of the first devices of its type for which SDI is an option – not part of the core – making it significantly better value for HD IP broadcast ops users today. licenses can be added to accommodate UHD over IP, QC, engineering and HDR, to meet the evolving needs of the business, future proofing the investment.

The SDI options provide comprehensive SDI connectivity and analysis features that PHABRIX is recognised for including the SDI-STRESS toolset developed for the Qx. Since the QxL retains the same user interface of the Qx, re-training for existing Qx users is minimal, and the complexities of ST 2110 and NMOS operation are presented to the user in an intuitive, accessible manner.