Join our panel of experts for this high-impact, practical 45-minute exploration of SMPTE ST-2110 and the future of Live Remote Production. They discuss the challenges being faced irrespective of whether you are new to Live Remote Production, you have experience and are now looking to expand your systems capabilities, or you are a veteran of the numerous Live Remote productions that have already taken place.


  • Ken Kerschbaumer – Chair and Editorial Director at Sports Video Group
  • Gerard Phillips – Systems Engineer, Arista
  • Prinyar Boon – Product Manager, PHABRIX and SMPTE Fellow
  • Robert Welch – Technical Solutions Lead, Arista
  • Simen Frostad – Chairman, Bridge Technologies
  • Steve Holmes – Applications Engineer, Leader

With some of the professional broadcast industries leading IP practitioners, this seminar is a high-impact, practical 45-minute exploration of where we have come from, the challenges we all currently face and the ultimate benefits that remote IP production can offer.

In 45- minutes, we give you straight forward, practical guidance that you can apply in your remote IP productions.

The session was hosted by Leader Group (which includes PHABRIX) and supported by Arista and Bridge Technologies

Watch the webinar here: