Qx to QxL Upgrade Program

PHABRIX Qx to QxL Chassis Upgrade

With the introduction of IP network support and the changing environment from 10GE IP networks to 25GE networks, PHABRIX has maintained an upgrade program to help all Qx customers with an eye on an IP future to take advantage of a ‘Qx to QxL’ upgrade program.

The ‘Qx to QxL’ upgrade program allows existing Qx customers to swap their Qx unit for a brand new QxL unit at an advantageous price.

  • All licences that were purchased for your Qx unit will be transferred to your new QxL unit at no additional cost
  • PHABRIX will ship the new QxL unit to you before you return your Qx unit. This ensures that you have full operational cover during the upgrade process.
  • The Qx and QxL units share exactly the same 12G-SDI features and capabilities, but the QxL is designed to support 10/25GE IP networks and already provides 2110 generation tools

The ‘Qx to QxL’ upgrade program has been running for two years and will come to an end on 31st December 2021. Orders placed late in December will ship during Q1’22, which may help bridge 2021 and 2022 budgets.

Qx to QxL Upgrade Request Form