Qx to QxL Upgrade Program

PHABRIX Qx to QxL Chassis Upgrade

(This promotional program ended on 31st Decemeber 2021)

With the introduction of IP network support and the changing environment from 10GE IP networks to 25GE networks, PHABRIX ran a promotional upgrade program to help existing Qx IP customers transition from 10GE to a 25GE IP future, whilst also gaining the benefits of the additional features provided by the QxL platform.

After running this upgrade program for over two years, it is now closed and came to an end on the 31st December 2021. All orders received before 31st December will be processed as usual.

PHABRIX’s Qx products will continue to provide cost effective 12G-SDI with 10GE support, whilst the QxL products are aimed at providing cost competitive 25GE support with the same 12G-SDI support.

For further information regarding the Qx or QxL products, please contact your regional sales manager via sales@phabrix.com. For product support enquiries, please contact support@phabrix.com.

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