Newbury, UK – 21 March 2022: PHABRIX is pleased to confirm the latest multi-unit sale of its QxL rasterizer to The Switch, a leading provider of production services and global delivery of live video, purchasing eight units specifically for its playout operation based in Burbank, Ca.

The units are being put in place to support the expansion of The Switch’s playout facilities to provide 4K channel origination for top tier live sports events. The new channels are ST 2110-based and primarily aimed at the domestic US market, though they will serve international takers as and when appropriate.

The award-winning QxL has been designed to address the needs of professional broadcast media IP networks in a compact form factor. The world’s most compact, feature-rich 25G IP ST 2110 rasterizer, it inherits all the JT-NM Tested features of the long-standing and popular Qx, updating them for real-time UHD IP workflows with a common look and feel across both platforms, helping smooth the transition to IP broadcast for users.

Key considerations for the choice of the QxL according to Robert Szabo-Rowe, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Product Management at The Switch, were its capabilities, its cost-effectiveness, and the ability of PHABRIX to deliver units in a very short lead time despite the ongoing supply chain issues affecting the industry.

“We were impressed by the QxL,” says Szabo-Rowe. “They do what they need to, they have the right logging capabilities, and they do a lot of the 2110 analytics as well. They’re quality pieces of gear. We trust PHABRIX when it comes to test and measurement, so I am sure they will do well here.”

A further QxL unit is also planned for The Switch’s LA-based facility in the near future.

“The momentum towards 2110-based broadcast workflows is growing all the time, and we are delighted to be able to assist The Switch in ensuring its customers in the US and beyond receive continually high-quality UHD video,” comments Phillip Adams, PHABRIX, CEO.